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Chères clientes, chers clients, nous sommes fermé pour congés annuels du 31 juillet 2023 jusqu’au 15 août, Nous pourrons vous accueillir le mercredi 16, À bientôt

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Blanc Lily noted

(Translated by Google) It's so delicious, and the quality of the dishes is comparable to that in China. The key is that the amount of food served at his restaurant is hard to find anywhere else in Paris. It's packed with food, especially meat dishes, and you won't miss out by increasing the amount of side dishes. I eat it often, at least once or twice a month. Although the spiciness and saltiness of the same dish may occasionally change slightly, the preparation of the soup base is much better than other restaurants and the amount is bigger. It really doesn't matter. Pick someone else’s place 😭. It's so delicious and affordable. It's normal for the food to be served slowly during the meal. Look at how other restaurants have increased their prices now. His restaurant can still maintain this quality. It's not lacking in weight or expensive. Outrageous, really, no choice. (Original) 太好吃了,菜品水平直逼国内也就算了,关键是他家这个菜量,巴黎恐怕找不到第二家。满满当当的,尤其是肉菜,绝对不会用增加配菜量的方式缺斤少两。经常吃,每个月至少要吃一两次,虽然同一道菜,偶尔辣度和咸度会有些许改变,但是,就冲汤底的功夫比别的店强太多量还大,真的没有挑人家的地方😭。他这么好吃实惠,饭点儿的时候上菜慢也正常吧,看看现在其他餐厅都涨价涨成什么样了,他家还能坚持这个品质,不缺斤少两,不价格贵的离谱,真的,没得挑。

Lelong Théophile noted

Vincent dec noted

(Translated by Google) Authentic made in china. (Original) De l'authentique made in china.

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