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陈珂 noted on Google

(Translated by Google) I have been here three times, and every time I want to complain about his service, it is extremely unpleasant. The overall level of the dishes is not bad, except that the cabbage is too salty this time, and the fat intestine rice noodles are delicious, but I don’t know why the second time I order it, it is particularly tasteless. (Original) 来过三次,每次都想吐槽他家服务,让人极其不愉快。 菜品整体水平还可以,除了这次包菜过咸,肥肠米线好吃,但不知道为何第二次再点的时候就特别没味道。

6 months ago
Mathieu Weschler noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Excellent, full of sichuan and spicy flavors, crispy chicken, beef in soup, beef jerky the list goes on... (Original) Excellent, plein de saveurs du sichuan et pimenté, poulet croustillant, boeuf dans soupe, boeuf sèché la liste est longue...

6 months ago
Wardenfreude noted on Google

Splendid spicy flavor, authentic szechuan saurce and in good price. The place is a little bit narrow though.

6 months ago
Théodore Schmid noted on Google

6 months ago
Engin Iyidogan noted on Google

Portions were large. The average price for a meal is around 15 euros with rice.

6 months ago
Saeed Hunjra noted on Google

This looks like everything 3D

6 months ago
Alice Denyse Matthey noted on Google

6 months ago
A B noted on Google

6 months ago
Glas noted on Google

(Translated by Google) It's a really large and steamed local restaurant!!! I want to eat mapo tofu again. (Original) 양도 진짜 많고 찐현지인 맛집입니다!!! 마파두부 또 먹고싶네요.

6 months ago
yiz noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The best Sichuan restaurant in Little Paris! The spices are rich in flavors, spicy enough, salty and delicious, the dishes are large and not expensive, and the price is very high! The boiled beef and pickled pepper loin are super delicious, and other non-spicy dishes are also full of flavor (Original) 小巴黎最好吃的川菜馆!香料多口味丰富,够辣,偏咸香口,菜量大且不贵,性价比很高!水煮牛肉和泡椒腰杆超级好吃,其他不辣的菜也是风味十足

6 months ago

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