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Lessay C. noted on Google

Excellent restaurant, j'y ai retrouvé les vraies saveurs du Sichuan.

a year ago
Moza Al N. noted on Google

The food was authentic, absolutely rich in flavours and such a variety of choices. The service was speedy and friendly, the portions was generous, had to take the leftovers back home, and they were just as good heated up next day. Only word of caution is the vegetable dishes might have some meat/pork in them, so ask before hand if you're vegetarian, and they were nice enough to remove any meat items that are usually in the vegetable dishes.

a year ago
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a year ago
O j. noted on Google

Dépaysement garanti et excellent accueil. Les plats sont généreux et invitent au voyage.

a year ago
Robet Y (. noted on Google

Par excellence! (Translated by Google) Ultimate!

a year ago
Jordan Lamarche (. noted on Google

a year ago
lalajefe noted on Google

Amazing taste and big portions! Highly recommend

a year ago
Marius M. noted on Google

Les nouilles de patates douces au bœuf terriblement fatales, épicées à en devenir accroc. 🙃 8€80 le bol. Dose parfaite. 👌Les nouilles à la sichuanaise top également. Terrasse tranquille dans une petite rue bien calme. Mobilier joli et confortable. Personnel très gentil. J'ai très envie d'y retourner. 😬🌋🥵

a year ago
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Yunhao L. noted on Google

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