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Zhaoxia noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Mapo tofu, garlic water spinach, and ancient fried rice are all delicious, highly recommended (Original) 麻婆豆腐,蒜蓉空心菜,古味炒饭都很好吃,推荐点

3 months ago
Lia P. noted on Google

3 months ago
Elena M noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Delicious meal and authentic cuisine (Original) Repas délicieux et cuisine authentique

3 months ago
bichai yin noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The five of us ordered four dishes, and we couldn't bear it. The taste was authentic and the portions were large. It was really cost-effective. The boss is from Chengdu! Highly recommend the boiled fish! (Original) 我们五个人点了四个菜,还撑到不行,味道正宗量还大,真的很高的性价比。老板成都人! 非常推荐水煮鱼!

3 months ago
Sven W noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very cost-effective, love it (Original) 性价比超高,很爱

3 months ago
Esther Park noted on Google

(Translated by Google) This is a really authentic Chinese restaurant! The signs and interior are all in Chinese, so when you enter, you feel like you are in China 🤣 🍴: Ryangpi, mapo tofu, a bowl of rice 🍺: Tsingtao beer I can speak Chinese, so I ordered in Chinese and asked for it to be very spicy, but it wasn't that spicy. But it was delicious! (Original) 여기는 정말 찐 중국음식점이예요! 간판도 내부도 다 중국어, 들어가면 중국테 와있는 느낌 🤣 🍴: 량피, 마파두부, 밥 한 공기 🍺: 칭다오 맥주 저는 중국어가 가능해서 중국어로 주문하고 엄청 맵게 해달라고 말했는데 그렇게 맵지는 않았어요. 하지만 맛있었어요!

4 months ago
Jean-Baptiste Debard noted on Google

4 months ago
Thanh Nguyen noted on Google

4 months ago
Jun noted on Google

(Translated by Google) First of all, the weight and value for money are worthy of appreciation! ! Secondly, I can only say that the taste is average. It is still far from the Sichuan restaurants in Chengdu. I would give it three stars for taste, but four stars for the portion. (Original) 首先分量和性价比值得赞赏!!其次味道一般般只能说 跟成都的川菜馆子还是差得有点远 味道三颗星吧 冲着分量给四星

4 months ago
Ruelle Sébastien noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very good, very good, (Original) Très bon, très bon,

4 months ago

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