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Yi Liu noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The beef jerky was so delicious that I packed two boxes back to Amsterdam! (Original) 牛肉干很好吃,还打包了两盒回阿姆斯特丹!

3 months ago
Xiaoman ZHUANG noted on Google

(Translated by Google) tasty! It's very cost-effective in Paris. My favorite is fried kidney liver with pickled peppers. I have never had any bad experiences at their restaurant, except for the lemon fish I ate once (I can’t remember the full name) and my friend said it was a bit fishy. The ladies who serve are also very cute. One time, my friend made a joke, but the elder sister took it seriously and kept explaining. She was very serious. The atmosphere of the restaurant was deducted one star, but the problem is that the food is a bit slow, especially when there is a lot of crowds for both takeout and dine-in. Often, after one dish is finished, the second dish is not served. By the way, the lunch set is the best value for money. (Original) 好吃!在巴黎算性价比高。最喜欢的是泡椒炒腰肝。在他们家没踩过雷,除了有一次吃了个柠檬鱼(名字没记全)我朋友说有些腥。服务的几个大姐也很是可爱,有一次我朋友开个玩笑,大姐当真了,一个劲的解释,就是很认真的那种。餐馆氛围扣了一颗星,就还是那个问题,出菜有些慢,特别是有时候外卖和堂食都挤一堆的时候,经常一个菜吃完第二个菜还没上来。对了,中午套餐是性价比之王。

3 months ago
adrien bournat noted on Google

4 months ago
Raphaël Massoud noted on Google

4 months ago
Christian Ung noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The address if you want to taste Sichuan cuisine. We were there with friends and the dishes were really copious, the waitresses and the waiter were attentive and gave good advice since it is quite spicy cuisine for the majority of dishes. There is a small private room also upstairs for groups (5/6 people). (Original) L'adresse si vous voulez goûter la cuisine du Sichuan. Nous y étions entre amis et les plats étaient vraiment copieux, les serveuses et le serveur étaient à l'écoute et de bons conseils puisque c'est une cuisine assez pimentée pour une majorité de plats. Il y a une petite salle privée également en haut pour les groupes (5/6 personnes).

4 months ago
Fabiana Wang noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Mapo tofu is super delicious and the portion is huge (Original) 麻婆豆腐超级好吃 菜量很足

4 months ago
annalisa wang noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very delicious and very authentic (Original) 很好吃,很正宗

4 months ago
Shi hen Liu noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Boiled beef, dry pot chicken, and mapo tofu are all delicious (Original) 水煮牛肉、干锅鸡、麻婆豆腐都很好吃

4 months ago
Julian noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Went there last year, so I didn’t have time to was delicious! (Original) 去年去的,没来得及评论……好吃!

4 months ago
Yueheng WU noted on Google

4 months ago

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