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laksaqueen noted on Google

Very authentic, spice right on point!

5 months ago
Simon Q noted on Google

(Translated by Google) You must buy the diced rabbit and beef, they are very delicious The chicken in the dry pot chicken is very tender, I will try more dishes next time (Original) 兔丁和牛肉一定要买 非常好吃 干锅鸡的鸡肉很嫩 下次尝试更多菜品

5 months ago
Yanmo Chen (Don Sourfish) noted on Google

(Translated by Google) large! delicious! I ordered ancient beef, brain flower and rabbit, two people can eat enough, the taste is very good! (Original) 量大!味道好!点了古味牛肉,脑花和兔子,两个人吃到撑,味道非常好!

5 months ago
Luce Trochesset noted on Google

5 months ago
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5 months ago
Wednesday noted on Google

(Translated by Google) There are a lot of people in the store, but neither the windows nor the door are open, so it is very stuffy. Maoxuewang is good, and the boiled fish and spicy chicken are not delicious. The diced spicy chicken is salty and crispy chicken, which is different from the authentic spicy chicken. But Maoxuewang is not bad. It was very salty after eating. (Original) 店里人很多,但没开窗户也没开门,所以特别闷,毛血旺不错,水煮鱼辣子鸡都不好吃。辣子鸡丁是盐酥鸡味,和正宗的辣子鸡不一样。但毛血旺还不错。吃到底下很咸。

5 months ago
Tuyet-Minh Vo noted on Google

5 months ago
X Crowd noted on Google

(Translated by Google) It’s super delicious and highly recommended. People who don’t eat spicy food recommend egg yolk tofu. Those who eat spicy food strongly recommend dry pot chicken boiling fish with crooked mouth rabbits. Brain flower lovers strongly recommend ancient brain flower, but they are all delicious. Next time I go to Paris Still go to eat! ! Full marks ✨ (Original) 巨好吃强推,不吃辣的人推荐蛋黄豆腐,吃辣强推干锅鸡沸腾鱼歪嘴兔,脑花爱好者强推古味脑花,但是都很好吃呜呜,下次去巴黎还去吃!!满分✨

5 months ago
Jian Dai noted on Google

5 months ago
MD Shawon hossen Hossen noted on Google

5 months ago

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